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Wearable Device App - SPIMON

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Wearable Device & App - SPIMON


SPIMON for monitoring and feedback for good spine posture

- Measurement of the one's head posture and real-time analysis in daily life
- Warning; when one's head posture is not proper range for a certain period of time.
- Data management through smartphone apps.



NAMU Inc., is the start-up company, founded in 2014, to help people to maintain the good posture for happy life. By combining wearable sensor technology and smartphone application, the user can perceive whether his/her posture is in the range for good health and self-confidence. Continuous monitoring with wearable sensor, recording and warning when he/she is in improper range, recognizing and correcting the posture, and the good habituation finally are the procedures of NAMU services.